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Will Brink's Body Building Revealed

Sometimes you just may feel a bit helpless, when you’re not getting the results that you always dreamt of. That’s just one of the many complaints that the fitness trainers are used to hearing from the budding bodybuilders.

Bodybuilding enthusiasts usually face the problem, when it comes to muscle definition. That means in some cases, the bodybuilder finds his body to look a bit funny as the muscles are not in proportion.

Its like the right biceps seems to be better defined than the left one, which can be the bodybuilder’s nightmare. That’s exactly where “Bodybuilding Revealed” comes in. It is an e-book written by fitness guru, Will Brink. His book clearly states that a body can be built to perfection, even without steroids and insane training programs.

The best thing about the 632 pages e-book is, that Will puts all his critics to rest, by breaking the hype about some bodybuilding supplements and clearly naming the ones that give assured results. In addition, the book is appealing for fitness enthusiasts of all ages.

In his book, Will Brink successfully combines the scientific facts about bodybuilding, including the proper diet and the training regimes, to be adopted with his decade long experience in the fitness field, in order to break all the bodybuilding myths and give his readers better results. Besides, his e-book doesn’t cater to the bodybuilders alone. The book is also for models and athletes, who want to look good and develop endurance and stamina.

To be specific, this book can also do wonders for an average Joe, who has a less than average physique. His book does not confuse the people, who are new to the science of bodybuilding. On the contrary, “Bodybuilding Revealed” is specifically written, so that even a common man wouldn’t mistake the bodybuilding terms and the scientific aspect of it. The book, “Bodybuilding Revealed” talks about the five most essential requirements for aspiring/pro bodybuilders, i.e., Diet, Resistance Training, Supplements, Cardio and the most essential of them all, Motivation. To make long story short, it talks about the following:


Contrary to the bodybuilding mantra, “Eat proteins, Eat CARBS”, this book provides a more scientific approach towards this elementary school hymn. Though Will agrees that this approach has its benefits, he also believes that it is accompanied by some limitations. One thing that he makes clear to his readers is the reason of muscle growth. He explains that whenever a body performs a task that is beyond its capability, it requires help of additional muscles. That is exactly how a person finds muscle growth. However, this fact becomes evident only after working out in the gym for 2-3 years.

Therefore, sticking to one training program is not at all safe. That’s because the programs are designed to give specific results and after the person has attained it, there is no reason to follow the program anymore. This means that training programs are only temporary. The diet/nutrition should be devised in such a way, that you take in maximum muscles without the fear of gaining fats. When talking about nutrition, Will explains the importance of all the essential ones like the composition of proteins, fats and carbohydrates required for bodybuilding and other sports. He also clearly explains and categorizes different types of food, essential for the body along with its influence on a person’s metabolism rate as well as preparing/cooking different health foods.

In addition, he also explains, how to distribute the various nutrients, i.e., fats, carbs and proteins and utilizing them, thereby attaining the most benefits along with its importance with respect to bodybuilding. His advice on the topics like when to eat, what type of food to eat, especially the meal to be consumed before and after a workout. The best thing about Will Brink is, that he says, it is strictly with respect of scientific information and definitely not on the basis of gym gossip and other hearsay.

He also criticizes the current food pyramid drawn by the experts, since it doesn’t aim at fat loss and fails with regards to muscle growth. He states a better food pyramid specifically drawn for bodybuilders and other athletes that ensures a better-looking physique based on his more than a decade long experience.

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With his expertise, Will provides a more than clear picture about the different types of health supplements available in the market and the ones that actually do work. This is one aspect that Will Brink is par excellence. His articles on creatine, when protein and other supplements created quite a stir in the supplements manufacturing industry, he pointed out that most of the creatine supplied in the markets contained contaminants.

He has successfully included over a fifty supplement reviews in his book, in which he includes the name of some supplements, which are nothing but scams and others that do offer some benefits. It clearly states what the supplements are made of, what its functions are, what do the experts think about it and the most important, what the users had to say after using it.

Contrary to the reviews that are published on the Internet by the so-called “experts” who do nothing but try to sell their products or even worse, recommend the use of other supplements who they usually affiliate with. He clearly states that just like you don’t need a car, everywhere you go, you don’t need supplements to keep your bodybuilding process going. However, Will does agree on the fact that there are some supplements that are known to do wonders by giving the desired results to its users.


Although there are billions of training methods developed, thanks to the scientific research, Will Brink advices on the best and the most efficient way, to gain that extra muscle that you always dreamed of. His advice on the type of workouts and the number of reps to be performed on the basis of individual body type is probably the best.

He cleverly lays out the training programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced bodybuilders, directing and guiding them to the best approach with respect to workouts. His book gives more emphasis on important and even some ignored areas like basic warm-up exercises, the intensity to be applied in case of warm-ups, type of clothing to be worn while working out, the pros and cons of working out at gyms and at homes, taking safety measures so as to prevent possible injuries, number of hours to be devoted in the gyms and many other pointers. To keep it short, his book provides all the information with respect to muscle growth.


Will Brink breaks the myth that cardio cannot be coupled with weight training. This statement has raised quite a few eyebrows, since cardio is known to burn fats and calories that are essential for building muscle mass. He states that if cardio is done the right way, then there is no way of losing your hard earned body.


Though the above components promise to lead the way for attaining the Herculean body, the process is incomplete without the driving mentality, i.e motivation. Setting some goals can help a lot in this matter. On the contrary, if one doesn’t possess this quality, it could be the sole reason of his failure.

Will Brink has covered almost all of the sections relating to bodybuilding and its myths in his e-book, “Bodybuilding Revealed”. With its attractive price tag of $49 for a limited time, bodybuilding enthusiasts are only a step away from gaining his knowledge and a click away from getting their desired dream-body.

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