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Bodybuilding and Nutrition

When it comes to bodybuilding, nutrition is one of the most important components. Most bodybuilders have great physiques because of their carefully designed nutritional programs. So here are a few myth busters that will help wannabe builders get the right nutrition program.

1st myth is that to build muscle mass it is necessary to have protein supplements.

The truth here is that when a bodybuilder is working out, it is the carbohydrates that supply the energy and not proteins. To stimulate muscle growth-demanding training is needed and the energy for this is provided by the huge amounts of carbohydrate.

Bodybuilding Nutrition

The proteins that the bodybuilders consume in their diet in excess is converted into carbs and later metabolized for energy.

2nd myth is that muscles can be pumped up before a competition by carbohydrate consumption.

Initially this seems to be true, because carbohydrate and water is stored in the muscle cells. But if carbo-loading actually caused muscle fibers to swell up then long distance runners would be walking around with large muscles instead of their lean appendages. Even research has proved that muscle-cells do not expand because of carbo-loading.

3rd myth that bodybuilders believe in is that carbo-loading causes the skin to stretch and so the muscles bulge.

The fact is that carbohydrates are not stored in the skin, so it does not involve any change in the body’s outer covering.

4th myth that is popular amongst most bodybuilders is that muscle definition increases by consuming extra sodium quantities.

The illusion that builders have is that muscle cells take in the water because of the additional sodium. The reality in this is that the extra sodium is thrown out of the body via urination.

This myth shows the prevalent confusion when it comes to nutrition and bodybuilding, it is exactly opposite of the above myth. Though there is no evidence of truth in this, it is said that muscle definition increases when sodium consumption is restricted.

5th myth is that when it comes to bodybuilding nutrition, the bodybuilding magazines are best resource for information

Though there is a little truth in these magazines, they cannot be trusted completely. Since the magazines make revenue from the advertisements, these publications would not want to contradict their claims.

6th myth that is quite popular is that growth-hormone releasers can substitute steroids for better muscle growth.

Though the anabolic effect of these growth-hormone releasers is unknown, according to one report, it was found out that only one percent of all the bodybuilders get their nutritional diets from a professional dietitian, seventeen percent get from bodybuilding magazines, fifty percent from other body builders and the rest get it from their friends and family.

Body Building Reviews