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Bodybuilding For Women

Delicate, lissome, slender, sylphlike body is what most women vie for. But hey! Do you know there are certain segments of women, who actually work out for bodybuilding? Unlike men, the workout for women differs in many aspects. Bodybuilding for women is not done only for muscle build-up.

Women take up bodybuilding for several reasons like –achieving the desired size, increasing strength and primarily boosting confidence. However, the bodybuilding supplements used by men are different from those used by women. For example, testosterone boosters are not suitable for women, as they may result in more hair growth and deepening of voice.

Bodybuilding is working out for altering the size and form of the muscles. This is done through weight training wherein gradually the individual achieves a particular aesthetic semblance or body shape. Unlike certain norms, bodybuilding is not akin to power lifting.

Today, women bodybuilders are face competition to be better than the others. Women's bodybuilding, having surface from aesthetic and athletic structures are identified in terms of masculinity. Bodybuilding, as a cultural and aesthetic form of athletic competence strives to stand for the extraordinary. You can easily notice this by observing the behavior of many male bodybuilders who workout. They usually strut and grunt with a clear implication of their physique, they have developed through the rigorous work outs.

The most striking distinguishing factor is that, since men have a higher level of testosterone, and women tend to have a much higher level of estrogen, both react to exercise in a totally different way. High testosterone levels denote easy muscle building in men, whilst high estrogen levels in women can signify the tendency to store fat more easily compared to men. However, contradictory to normal thought professional female bodybuilders have proved that this could be overcome if one takes the training seriously enough.

Among bodybuilders, the yearning for sleek, well-contoured muscles is desired rather than yearning for a colossal size. However, women bodybuilders should also be feminine and monstrous, which is a clear visual contradiction in itself. Therefore, many women bodybuilders make every effort for living up to the standard aesthetic norms of femininity.

Today, female bodybuilding and fitness is quite well accepted and organized, from the really serious professional who aims for a competition to the casual amateur who just wants a developed and better toned body. Gone are the days when female bodybuilders were just skimpily clad glamorous, shiny objects of drool. Like all the other emerging sports, bodybuilding for women has as many frontrunners from the early days.

Body Building Reviews