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Bodybuilding Workouts and Program

The first thing that budding bodybuilders want is to find out the nearest gym and the amenities that it has to offer. What do you do next? Normally, the answer in most cases would be to find the nearest gym and start training. Stop right there. This is the biggest mistake you could ever make. Why, you ask. It is pretty simple. You have not taken the first step and that is choosing the workout program.

A workout program is nothing but a regime that you intend to follow towards achieving your goals, which in this case, would be to achieve the Herculean look. Besides, it will look completely stupid, if you follow some advance workout program, especially when you’re a novice in the field. Unfortunately, aspiring bodybuilders follow the training programs that their idols like Ronnie Coleman follow.

Choosing a training program is not that easy, since there are number of them available. However, only a few of them give you the desired results. These programs are specifically designed for three types of bodybuilders that includes beginner, intermediate and advanced. The intensity differs according to the specific category.


Although the beginner’s program tends to have a slow start, the training routine can be as frequent as that of the advanced bodybuilders. A beginner has no restrictions, when it comes to training. And on training harder, he’s only pushing his muscles, which is good for its growth. If you’re worried about injuries, be assured because during the period of recuperation, your muscles will only grow, to take in more punishment and that’s definitely good.


If you have followed all the training and the nutritional tips and there’s definitely some improvement in your body, then that means, you’re ready to move on to the next level. Bodybuilders have to push themselves harder, when they get to this stage, simply because they have become stronger due to the beginner’s training programs. Therefore, if you feel that you can easily do 8-10 reps of pull-ups, consider using a weight belt and add on weights to it, so that the workout becomes more challenging.


The training promises to be a lot tougher in this level. By this time, you must have gained enough mass that makes your training more difficult. That’s because after the intermediate stage, it becomes relatively difficult to add on more pounds. This program also includes a lot of variations in the exercises and a strict diet plan has to be followed.

Bodybuilding Workouts

Bodybuilding workouts basically aim at specific body parts. These workouts can either be performed with variation in exercises or by simply increasing the intensity. The basic workouts for the different muscles are as follows:

The best thing about these workouts is that though they are aimed for specific body-parts/muscles, they also train other muscles indirectly. Nutrition and rest play an equally important part with respect to workouts. Bodybuilding is a sport of patience in which the saying “Rome was not built in a day” still holds importance.

Body Building Reviews