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Build Muscle Fast

Building muscles is every man’s dream, whether it’s for looking good or for strengthening the body. There are many training programs that assure massive muscles in about three weeks. However, they do encourage the use of some “body supplements." Building muscles fast is not that easy but with the use of steroids (which is not recommended and can have side effects). This article is going to prove the quoted phrase absolutely wrong and definitely unnecessary.

The bottom line to build muscles real fast is that you got to shock the hell out of your muscles and force your body to add more muscle into it. It’s definitely not okay to do three to five reps a day and expect your muscles to respond to them. You’ve got to give your body a good reason to grow, since it is only then that your body will give you the desired results. Adding more intensity and stimulation in your workout programs will definitely give you some immediate results to build muscle fast. There are two basic methods to this, i.e.,

Common Method

  1. Increasing the weights constantly.
  2. Adding more reps and sets to your regular training program.
  3. Avoiding the regular rests that your body is used to.

Advanced Method

  1. Pre-exhaust tactic: which involves performing immediate continuous exercises without any breaks. For example, after a bench press, immediately resorting to a set of push-ups.
  2. Static holds: that involves holding the stances at the most difficult positions. For example, keeping your legs stretched during leg extensions.
  3. Strip sets: that means working out continuously, while starting off with the heaviest weights and gradually lessening the load by removing the weights at the time of exhaustion.

The methods for building muscles fast change according to the varying goals of the individuals. For those enthusiasts, who are keen to tighten and tone their muscles, they have to ensure on increasing the number of reps, allocate variation in their exercise routine and most importantly, to do fewer sets of varying exercises, i.e., 2-3 sets per exercise. Whereas, for those individuals who want to increase their muscle size, they’ve got to shock their muscles by introducing drastic variations in their exercise routines, focusing on individual muscle groups and training by introducing multiple sets in their regular routine.

Building muscles fast does not mean that you spend everyday in the gym. Proper nutrition and rest form a significant part in the exercise routine. Eating healthy foods like nuts, protein bars, eggs, chicken breast, etc. coupled with an effective training program are all that are needed to build muscles fast.  

Body Building Reviews