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Build Muscle Without Weights

It is common knowledge that the quickest way to build muscles is to use weights and machines. However, there could be a number of reasons for a person to opt out of using weights to build muscle. This article focuses on how to get muscles without lifting weights, but for those who wish to get into the sport of body building it is advisable to lift weights. Practically every sort of exercise can help in building muscles from walking, biking, running, climbing and yoga, but they will not give you muscle mass. And to increase the rate of developing muscles you can combine your exercise with a high protein diet.

One technique of building muscles without weights is to simply use the traditional methods of exercising. That is to do sixty, eighty or more reps and continue to do them so that you can increase endurance. Another technique that can be used is to use as many muscle groups in an exercise as possible.

This is known as compounded exercises, and repeating them with a strict and controlled form is the key in building and maintaining muscles. You could fix a chin up bar in your home and do a set of chin-ups which is a great way to build strength and muscle. It builds a stronger back, biceps and shoulders. Deep Knee Bends are another perfect way of building thigh, gluteus and hips muscles. Push-ups are better suited for building the triceps, shoulder and chest, while a variant of the push ups, known as the hand-stand push up is also effective.

This is for intensive regiments and the person has to be careful, as this exercise builds arm and shoulder muscles quicker.

Squats are a brilliant exercise for the building hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and the lower back. Everyone wants a six-pack, and crunches are the way to get them and the only way to get the perfect abdominal muscles. There are other exercises as well that facilitate in building muscles on the calves, lower abs, thighs like the Lower Leg Raise, Calf Raises and Hyper-Extensions. All of these exercises should be repeated in sets for better results.

For women, a high protein diet and a fair amount of running, walking and cycling can do a great deal of muscle building. This is a better option for women to build muscles and have a toned and not a muscular appearance. Eat a gram of protein for every pound of your body weight and then work out by exercising, and see all the fat get converted into muscles.

Body Building Reviews