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Burn The Fat Review by Tom Venuto

If you are looking out for a simple and informative way to lose those fats and build up muscle, then check out the new ebook appropriately called "Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle."

This ebook will guide you in easy steps as to the correct way to get rid of the unwanted fat and also advise you on different ways of toning your muscles and maintaining your fitness so that you remain “fat free” for life.

Course Outline

All the 337 pages of this ebook are written in a simple and informative way, which makes it easy and fun to read. There are 28 pages dedicated to Q&A’s only, which answers all the FAQ’s.


Also included are various freebies, which you can check out on the features list. Even though the cover features a male body builder, this book is recommended for both the sexes. So if you seriously want to lose weight, then this book is just the push you need to get motivated. Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is currently one of the most popular fitness and toning ebooks on the ‘e-shelf’.


Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle paints the real picture and gives you the right guidance in your quest to lose weight. It does not make false promises by showing unachievable weight loss targets which might lead you to a path from which coming back could be even tougher than before. This ebook features targets, which you can achieve and step-by-step ways in which you can achieve it.

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is however only for people who seriously want to lose weight and does not offer any short cuts. It does not have any quick diet solutions which anyway help you lose weight only temporarily and turns you back into your original old shape plus more, once you stop it. These diets only fool your body into thinking that it needs less by slowing down its metabolism.


The minute you stop your diet, your body unfortunately still believes that it has to conserve energy and starts storing all the fat. So in fact you end up back on the starting grid with a few more pounds attached to your body and a few more troubled thoughts attached to your mind.

Who Is This For?

Thus Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle does not preach temporary diets, but advises you on a complete lifestyle change and proposes proper eating habits which will result in more energy, more muscle mass, more self-esteem to make you feel healthy, young and happy.

What you have to understand first is that not everyone’s body is the same. Each has its unique metabolism rate and depending on what your DNA and past lifestyle has shaped you into, you will require different techniques to get the most out of your body while still working towards your ultimate goal.

But Tom Venuto, the author believes that anyone can reach his or her goals if they stick to his program and achieve a healthy and well-toned body in the process. His motivation will keep you glued to the book and inspire you to continue on the journey towards good health and once you are on the right track you will just want to stay on.

MP3 Version

However, if you do not have ample time to read or if you simply do not like reading, then you can buy the MP3 version of “Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle”, which is available as a tele-seminar series, although the ebook is still recommended since it can be used much more like a guide and you can always refer to it anytime you need to.

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