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Fastest way to Build Muscles

So, you’ve just finished watching “Pumping Iron” and you want to look just like Arnold. Well, you’re not the only one in the world who wants to achieve that. But be sure to build your muscles fast. Sounds impossible. Well, research has shown that you can build your muscles really fast, if you choose the right training program.

All you need is determination and dedication and believe it or not, you’re on your way to become the next Arnold Schwazznegger (the bodybuilder, not the Governor). However, to achieve this in a relatively short time, you’ve got to shock your muscles, so that they respond to your workouts. Building massive muscles fast depends on three factors, they are:

How To Build Arm Muscles

Shock effect

It simply means surprising your muscles by using any one of the two ways, i.e., increasing the weights while including the same amount of reps and sets or increasing the number of reps and sets keeping the weights constant. Isn’t it obvious that if you continue using the same weights and the same number of reps and sets, day in and day out, you’re not giving your muscles a reason to grow? On the other hand, if you increase the number of weights and the number of sets and reps with variation in the training program, your muscles have no other choice but to grow. Imagine increasing one pound a week, it means that you’re increasing fifty two pounds a year and if you keep this up for atleast two years, you’re shocking your muscles alright, shocking them good. The exercises should target your chest, back, shoulders, arms, abdominals and legs. You can include bench press, shoulder press, squats, crunches, barbell curls and many other sorts of exercises in your training routine.


You need to eat, if you want your muscles to grow. Building muscles is nothing but adding weight to specific parts of your body. The diet should include nutritional food like milk, eggs, chicken breasts, cheese, fish and some protein shakes (preferably after the workout).


Rest is perhaps the most important factor that is usually ignored by most people. You’ve got to remember that your muscles grow when you rest. It is simply not acceptable, if you workout in the gym for many hours, only to come home and continue with some other exercise program. Ten hours of sleep is an ideal rest that one should have.

For building muscles the fastest way, it is important to adhere to some rules. These are basics for bodybuilding, and with proper dedication and motivation, you’re not that far away from ripping out your T-shirt just like the Hulk.


Body Building Reviews