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How to Build Massive Arm Muscles

It is definitely not uncommon to ask an aspiring bodybuilder what is his favorite part of bodybuilding. The answer is quick and quite true in most cases- ARMS. However, some might argue that if one walks into a room the one physical attribute that people are bound to notice is the chest. True in some cases, but massive arms are easily the most envied body part. Your friends might even chip in comments that you may look good with massive arms and an average chest but you will surely look silly if it is the other way round. Is there any truth to these comments?

How To Build Arm Muscles

It is a known fact that many bodybuilders sweat out long hours in the gym and some of them are still unsuccessful in getting the desired results. Who wouldn’t want to develop massive arms and show them off on the beach? When we talk about massive arms, we usually relate to the biceps. Some might even remember Hulk Hogan’s famous line, “Whatcha gonna do when these 24-inch pythons are running wild on you?” This statement inspired many professionals to pump some serious iron to get those massive arm muscles.

Arm Muscles Diagram

However, as discussed above, massive arms do not only include the biceps, they also include triceps, which surprisingly forms one-third of the total upper arm muscles. Though the main aim of most aspiring bodybuilders is developing massive arms, only a few of them know the real secret to it. Massive arm growth is possible only if one has knowledge of the following three factors:

These three factors tell us that the arm muscles need relatively less training since these muscles are worked upon with the bench press shoulder and back exercises. That means that the arm muscles are automatically trained when performing the above workouts. Therefore, the bottom line is to stop performing endless barbell and concentration curls in the gym.

They are nothing but a waste of time when you can actually train by performing bench press and back exercises and train your arms at the same time. Though the training for the arm muscles should be given less priority, it is absolutely essential for better definition of biceps and triceps.


Body Building Reviews