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How To Gain Weight and Muscle

Just as it is difficult for obese people to lose weight, it is equally difficult for thin people to increase their weight and also gain muscle mass in the process. Here are a few tips to gain weight and build body mass in a healthy manner.

What You Shouldn’t Eat

Thin people should not be considered lucky, if they can digest their pizzas and burgers, but should be considered unlucky because it is this food, which if eaten in large quantities can lead to health complications in the future. If you want to increase your weight, then eating healthy food is the only way to go.

You can still have fast food, but restrict the quantity and reduce the frequency to may be once a week. Do not starve yourself of any junk food, but keep a control on the quantity of intake.

How To Gain Weight and Muscles

What You Should Be Eating

Start eating salads, chicken, fish, and green vegetables in whichever form you desire except deep-frying it. Use less oil and shallow fry, wherever required. Eat 4 or 5 smaller and different meals instead of eating at one go. This will make it easy for your body to digest the food faster. Avoid red meat, and high salt and fatty foods such as French fries and salted potato chips.

This is not a very rigid diet and should be easy to maintain. You can also have protein shakes and other supplements, but only if you follow an exercise regime along with this diet, since protein could be hard to digest, if you are not physically active.

Don’t Forget To Exerciese

Equally important with a healthy diet is physical exercise. Thin people think that by exercising, they will end up thinner and weaker, but this is not true. Once you start exercising, your digestion will improve and your body will be able to convert your food into energy and muscle mass much faster.

You can join a local gym. Start first with lighter weights. This can be followed up with heavier weights and more repetitions. This combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise is a well proven way to increase your bodies weight and gain muscle mass. The trick is to start both together and proceed slowly. Many people get over enthusiastic and go on a strict diet coupled with intense exercise.

The body gives up first followed by the mind, since the change is too severe and too fast. Proceed slowly, but keep a positive attitude and a rough goal in mind. If you succumb and eat too many sweets on one day, then do not eat sweets for the next fortnight. Similarly, if you cannot exercise on all the seven days, then exercise at least five days a week. Flexibility and will power are the keys to a healthy life.

So, just by taking care of your diet and exercising regularly, you can gain weight and muscle and increase your body mass. Try it and see the difference.

Body Building Reviews