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One of the issues that are most debatable in the muscle building industry is the use of supplements to build muscles. The role of multi-vitamins in building muscles, and in overall health, both inside and outside the gym is a subject of great speculations. Things are certainly not clear by so many brands of supplements available in any health store, combined with confusing literature available all over, often with conflicting claims. The questions haunting any health conscious person in general, and bodybuilders in particular is, whether they can benefit by the use of multi-vitamins, and the role they play in maintaining the overall health.

How To Build Arm Muscles

Before going into details regarding the supplements and their use, let’s look at the body and it’s working, in general. Human body is one giant mass of chemicals with hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions happening within the body, at any given point of time. Small proteins called enzymes drive every such small reaction. The main role of these enzymes is to lower the energy required for any specific reaction to happen.

The enzymes require co-enzymes that modify its shape, thus enabling them to perform their jobs in an optimum manner. These co-enzymes are also known as vitamins. So, if we look in a larger perspective, vitamins are required to drive the vast number of chemical reactions occurring in the body at any time. The role played by the vitamins does not only manifest itself in the overall metabolism of the body and the health in general, but it also plays a very important part in the muscle building process.

There are many vitamins that are required by the body to help with different chemical processes. Each of these vitamins is unique, and a healthy body requires all these in different quantities. Also, as bodybuilding creates many processes in the body in an exaggerated manner, the amounts of such vitamins required by a person who is into bodybuilding might vary largely from an average person. Most of the times, the diet of a bodybuilder might not provide him/her with the required quantity of such vitamins, and thus he/she may require supplements to maintain the levels of the vitamins required by the person to sustain the heavy work out process. Here are some multi-vitamins and the role they play in the body.

Muscle Building Supplement Brands

Vitamin A- This is required for protein synthesis in the body, wherein the individual amino acids are fused to form new muscle tissues. Apart from this, it also helps in the production of glycogen, which is in a stored form of carbohydrates in the body.       

Vitamin B1- This is also known as thiamine, and is very crucial for protein metabolism. It also helps in producing hemoglobin in the blood, which helps carry the oxygen throughout the body.

Vitamin B2- The commonly used name for riboflavin. It helps in the fat burning process, as well as in producing energy from carbohydrates.

Vitamin B3- Niacin increases VASODILATION within the muscle tissue, which helps the body appear fuller and more vascular.

Vitamin B6- this is the vitamin that helps in digesting protein. The muscle building protein requires higher than the regular amount of protein, which means a bodybuilder requires higher amount of Vitamin B6 in order to be able to digest and break down all the protein consumed.

Vitamin B12- also known as COBALAMIN.  It is vital for the brain and the muscle tissues to communicate effectively. This has a direct impact in the growth of the muscles, and coordination.

Apart from these, Vitamin C, D, and E are other important vitamins that are required by the body to enable all the chemical reactions happening within the body. The diets of some people are deficient in one or more of these multi vitamins, and thus they are recommended to take supplements. The case of the bodybuilders is unique, as they need all these in larger quantities. Most of the diet plans cannot provide these multi vitamins in the quantities required by the body builders. Thus, they are required to take supplements in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the body. However, the correct dosage and the type of vitamins required by a person can only be determined by a certified dietician, or a physician, and thus, it is important to pay them a visit before rushing to the health store.


Body Building Reviews