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Muscle Gain Truth Ultimate Review

Muscle Gain Truth No-Fail System is a comprehensive muscle-building guide by renowned body builder Sean Nalewanyi. But this is more than those run-of-the-mill guides that are available all on the internet, and which have little application value.

Sean believes that it does not take a genius to succeed at bodybuilding, and almost anyone can dramatically change his body. However, Sean is also quick to point out that though muscle building is not rocket science, many are still unable to achieve the body that they would like to have.

Sean makes it very clear that muscle building is not an easy venture with his quote, “Building muscle is one of the simplest things to understand but one of the most difficult to implement.” This should clear out any misapprehensions some people might have that they can purchase the course, and wake up to a fabulous body overnight!

Sean makes it clear right in the beginning that learning to build muscles is fairly easy, but actually implementing it, and developing muscles is a difficult task altogether.

And this is the core area of the program, which is the differentiating factor with respect to other similar programs. Sean clearly understands his primary role as mentor to help you to achieve your mass gain goals (yes, this program is designed with the fact that the applicant is rather skinny, and would require to put on additional mass, which can then be developed into muscles).

To achieve the end result, Sean provides you with a workable mass gain program; however, he still understands that even after gaining the required knowledge, many people will inevitable fail.

Overcoming Failures

The reason why many people will fail is the same little reason that leads to so many failures in different walks of life- laziness. People will also let wrong information confuse them, and get caught in the trap of what they know, and what is right. Many will also tend to lose the desire when the going gets tough (and it surely will over a period of time). To sum it up, the reason for failure will be the loss of focus. The end result of achieving muscle-building goal will be hugely dependent on your ability to maintain your focus, overcoming various distractions.

The program has been designed taking into account all these considerations, and the author strives to prepare you, and help you overcome these distractions, right from the start. He warns you when such distractions will most likely occur, and prepares you to prevent them from ruining your focus. These small tips are akin to hidden gems, and you cannot afford to ignore them. Success in your venture of bodybuilding will mainly depend on your focus.

The program is, however, not only meant to prepare a person mentally. This fact is only used to get the basics right, and to provide a support throughout the course. But as the promotional materials state, it is no doubt a step-by-step muscle-building program, which is very well organized, and radically thought out. To achieve the end-result, the first thing he tells you, is to think of him as your mentor for muscle building. This is not about some power-going-into-head syndrome, but only about forgetting the wrong notions that you might have regarding bodybuilding.

The Entire Muscle Gain Truth Package

Sean understands the power, and the importance of unlearning wrong things, and then learning right things that will help you achieve your goals. He makes it a point to re-educate you on all things you need to know to gain mass. While dedication is certainly required on your part to achieve this, the list in not a long one, complicated with jargon words. It is simple enough for anyone to understand, and following it vigorously will help you build muscles. He always emphasizes on the fact that the basic principles covered in the program are all that are required to gain weight.

Sean himself was very skinny, and he used the same principles to add 80 lbs of weight to help him build a fabulous body. Many people that have followed Sean’s program to build an impressive body have also effectively used the same principles. Thus you can be rest assured that the principles mentioned by Sean are not for a “selected few”, but works for anybody who wishes to build muscles.

The Program

The first thing to be covered by the program is the workouts. While you will be learning some wonderful workouts, and the correct way to implement them, emphasis is placed not only on what to do, and how to do it, but also why to follow instructions. You are not required to follow some routines blindly without knowing the effects it will have on your body, and the way it will help you. You will be told exactly the reason why Sean thinks a particular a particular work out is beneficial, and in what manner will it help you realize your goal of building muscles. This will give your confidence a tremendous boost, so that you achieve your goal. 


The workout section of the program can only be summarized in one word- excellent! Sean carefully takes the reader through all the aspects of useful mass gain workout, which is followed by video lessons (available as bonus material) that describes everything in details. It covers everything starting from warming up, and stretching, to then selecting best exercises for you, and performing them effectively. Many small things, but nevertheless important ones like taking a break and breathing correctly are also covered extensively.

The program requires you to perform three intense workouts a week. The rest of the time is effectively spent resting and eating properly. As part of the mass gain program, the workouts are particularly intense, and thus the need for so much rest and good eating habits. These workouts should never be taken lightly and neither should the importance of resting and eating. Many people have failed in muscle gain due to underestimating, and not correctly understanding the meaning of “intense workout”.  Sean makes it a point to make it clear. Nothing is left to speculation, as he informs you exactly what it should mean to you in order to achieve major change in your body.


This part of the program is referred to by Sean as the time when “real magic” of muscle building takes place. This is one of the truths that Sean believes in whole heartedly, and wants you to believe with equal enthusiasm. It is very important that you supply your body with the nutrition that is needed to gain muscle weight.

Sean gives you quick, and complete information on eating for mass gain, as to what, when and how to eat. Again you will be provided with adequate reasons as to why it is important for you to eat in a way that he recommends. Following this is not only important, but also critical in realizing your goal. As Sean makes it clear, it is not only about what you eat, but also when you eat. Timing is very important, and this is covered in the chapter named “Critical Feeding Time”.

There will be certain times when the muscles will be begging for nutrition, and it is very important to provide these muscles with the required nutrition at the required time. The chapter tells you in detail what your body needs at such critical times, which will no doubt go a long way in achieving maximum muscle growth.

Sean dedicates a whole section to supplements, and lays bare the truth, and the impact supplements have on bodybuilding. This is a must-read, before you decide on going out to buy a supplement with a fancy name, and a fancier model on the label. He makes it clear that most of the supplements available in the market are useless, and are driven by nothing but marketing gimmicks.

However, there are few supplements that can be useful, provided you use it in a proper manner. These cannot make you gain mass, but can help you in the process. You get to know what the supplements are and how to use them to your advantage for building muscles.

Another important aspect of the program is the rest and recovery process, which is rarely mentioned within other programs. It is when you are resting that your body builds muscles. Sean spends enough words to drive home the point, and make you realize the importance of getting sufficient rest, as well as avoiding, and dealing with injuries.

While the program looks all-comprehensive, this is only a part of the package. There are additional bonuses that plug in any tiny cracks that might have been left behind by the program.


If there are any questions that might arise on your mind when you go through the program, Sean has already though about them, and you will find most of them answered in the bonuses, if not already answered in the program. Personal Trainer Database is a compilation of every question he’s ever been asked regarding building muscles. All you have to do is type in your question, and you are bound to get an answer immediately. This can range from topics as varied as dealing with shoulder pain, or a pull in the muscle, to extra diet tips.

26-Week Workout Plan is software that includes printable log sheets of every training day of each of the three training cycles that are included in the program. It also includes the exercise database that covers all the recommended exercises. These full-motion videos show you the correct techniques for every exercise performed by Sean himself.

You would highly appreciate 3 Month MGT Progress Tracker 6000 Membership that helps you keep track of your progress. It allows you to monitor your body’s muscle gain and composition. It also helps you with planning your meals, monitoring your workouts, and much more.

The Muscle Building Meal Plans gives you a complete pre-made diet plan for 12 weeks of muscle building at 9 different calorie levels- from 2,000 to 6,000. All you need to do is to estimate your calorie intake, and select the corresponding plan.

The Muscle Building Video Lessons is the biggest attraction that contains 6 lessons for each different muscle group. Sean shows you the way to best structure your workout in order to achieve maximum muscle growth.

Personalized Workout Guide is an additional e-book that looks into personal issues, and offers solutions. It could be an injury, or a time and equipment limitation. Sean gives advice on people with common shoulder, back, knee and other injuries. He also gives suggestions on how to tackle the lack of time, or equipment, so as it does not become an obstacle in your way to achieving a great body.

The Top 12 Bodybuilding Mistakes Revealed is an audio lesson and the last part of this comprehensive bonus package. Revealed are some of the most common mistakes, and the ways to avoid them. Because though these mistakes are small and silly, people tend to repeat them over and over again without even realizing it. Also, as long as you are making these mistakes, you cannot possibly hope to achieve the amazing result that you desire. The audio can be burned onto a CD, downloaded onto MP3 player, so that you can carry it with you wherever you want. Anyway you can listen and implement it will be worthwhile.

As an extra bonus, you also get an hour-long video of Sean performing a hard core workout. The idea is to motivate others, as you too can build an amazing body the same way Sean does.

Optional Upgrade ($30)

There is a list of additional bonus material that you can receive if you wish to upgrade your package. Though the cost is not much, some of the material can prove to be highly useful for certain individuals. It includes E-Mail Coaching, which gives you three months personal training via e-mail, if you require so due to any special reasons.

Thus you get all the advice direct form the expert himself, which gives you an enviable advantage for building body. Metabolic Blast is a cardio, and fat loss course. While this course is not required right in the beginning, it can prove to be useful when you are at a cutting phase of body building training.

The Bodybuilding Inner Game E-Book is a wonderful read as it takes you through various psychological tactics that can have a strong influence on your bodybuilding success. Also, The Truth About Building Muscle is available as a complete MP3, if you are not much into reading, and prefer listening. The content remains the same, only the method becomes more convenient. The upgrade also includes two additional meal plans- one for a vegetarian diet, and one for a budget diet. Both come for the same five different calorie levels ranging from 2,000 to 6,000 calories.


If there is one thing that gets clear after having gone through the course, it is Sean’s genuine desire, and his sincerity in helping you achieve you muscle building goals. This is evident from the detailing, and the depth that he has gone into, in order to make the package “complete”, and “comprehensive”. He has taken care of every small detail and every small difficulty that may keep a person from realizing his goals. Being an expert, he has taken care to address all the issues, to make sure that you win.

The program has accurate tips, and advice, and the focus remains on doing the right things in the right manner that will help achieve results. It refrains from obscure and vague talk, and focuses extensively on the task on hand- building muscles. Sean makes sure that you gain enough mass with the mass gain plan, as well as build fabulous muscles. With most programs, bonuses are just something that are given away to increase the number of products in the sale pitch, and are mostly worthless.

But here, the bonuses have been built on the program, and complement the program wonderfully. The bonuses remain an integral part of the program, and are not something outside it.

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