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Optimum Anabolics

So you’re all pumped up, now that you’ve decided your goal- sculpting your body to perfection. It is definitely good news that you’re motivated but that’s only the first component needed in the bodybuilding process.

The confusion starts when you have to decide, which workout program to opt for. Just making you aware of the many training and workout programs is not enough but someone has to help us choose the best.

That’s where Jeff Anderson comes in. No, his training program is not new but he is the creator of one. The one, he proudly calls “Optimum Anabolics” program.

What Is Optimum Anabolics?

Jeff Anderson’s “Optimum Anabolics” program is perhaps one of the best workout programs that have been developed in recent times. He is pretty convinced that his program can give guaranteed results and quite rightly, there hasn’t been any program that is prepared with so much simplicity and at the same time, supported with scientific facts.

What's In The Program?

This program comes in two parts, the first being the systematic tutorial, which is about 120 pages long, whereas the other, a second part in the workout manual series, comprises of 100 pages, both being in the PDF format. The program also includes the statistics and the various graphs that show the growth of muscles over a progressive period of time.

The best thing about his program is that you’ll be engrossed in reading (since Jeff is a good teacher), without the words putting you off to sleep. Jeff’s program is the best for those bodybuilding enthusiasts who are just not seeing their desired results, even after putting in all the effort they could. The ratio of these groups and the exceptional lot is like 3:1, which is quite high when the numbers increase. However, this program isn’t for the ones who are program hoppers (the ones that don’t stick to a single program for a long time).

Who's This Program For?

This program is specifically designed for the enthusiasts, who are dedicated towards achieving their goals. Though this program promises to be very intense, the results can be noticed within a few days. The program includes eight anabolic factors, which act as the driving forces for maximum muscle gain. To make the picture clearer, Jeff also includes a collection of mp3 CDs along with his program. The most important and perhaps one of the unconventional factors are sure to raise some eyebrows. It briefly talks about the Hyper-Adaptive Cycling process, which states the idea of cycling through the diet and the training routine, in order to derive the maximum results. Besides, Jeff's Optimum Anabolics puts an end to using the term “unconventional” for this process, by supporting it with valid information.

Optimum Anabolics provides best results with respect to muscle growth and it also talks about the nutritional aspect in bodybuilding that makes Jeff’s e-book a must read.

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