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No Nonsense Muscle Building

An online muscle building program or eBook is designed to build on potential clients’ self-belief and expectations. Most often, the information offered in such programs are predictable, and are similar to tips found in an athlete’s handbook. A muscle building program can never work miracles, unless you put in the effort. You must realize that ‘there are no substitutes to hard work’, and even Vince Delmonte believes and professes it.

By making a small visit to the Vince Delmonte’s website, you would be showered with over forty pages of sales letters, each offering recommendations to his product. These sales letters are a collection of testimonials of clients that have tried and tested ‘No nonsense Muscle Building’ and are satisfied with the information provided.

What is ‘No Nonsense Muscle Building’ all about?

The muscle building program is a 201 page book, with each page having information and references related to body sculpting. The book guarantees the natural building of natural mass and muscular tissues in the quickest time possible. It offers the readers short-cut methods and power building techniques to sudden muscle gain.

The book has the following features:

  1. A secret quick muscle building ingredient
  2. Important fundamental laws of human muscle growth
  3. The truth about power building and training to failure
  4. Planning schedules for training
  5. High Intensity Training
  6. The ability to build “Under-trained” and “untouched” muscle fibers
  7. Eliminating hard training techniques
  8. More recruitment from your muscles
  9. Improving Testosterone levels

The perspective

Vince Delmonte offers you an interesting perspective that is based on schedules and training plans of professional body builders in small modules. The program aims at sculpting symmetrical and proportionate muscles without using unhealthy means of achieving body mass. These techniques explained by Vince Delmonte contribute to long term health. Vince insists that ‘training like a pro doesn’t guarantee a good body’. The information he offers is thus unique and effective.

What Vince speaks of in his ‘Intensity module’ is more of common sense than technique. He professes quality in the training schedule and small amount of exercises that can be practiced during breaks. ‘No Nonsense Muscle Building’ continuously stresses over muscle fatigue and body recovery from a work out. It requests its readers to practice ‘cool-down exercises so as to facilitate muscle rebuilding and growth. By following these tips, the body could be equipped to take on and handle fatigue and soreness, increasing its ability to create proportionate, stronger muscles.

Writing Style and Depth

Vince Delmonte is known to be an ace trainer and guide for sportsmen. His approach is reflected in his honest and open writing. Delmonte continuously criticizes the muscle eBooks that offer nothing but conventional training methods. He is also hard on sources that force athletes to use muscle enhancing drugs and supplements. Through his writing he has voiced his opinion on companies, looking to increase profit by selling self manufactured devices and drugs.

‘No Nonsense Muscle Building’ offers details and the biological processes involved in growing your muscles. The book illustrates nutritional facts and figures, and is easily comprehensible to a reader who is new to body building. The book is information specific and offers relative explanation, with regards to “how your muscles are built and how they are not”. It is extremely helpful to beginners as it offers analogies over every technique and method.

Delmonte insists on his users cutting down gym time and rescheduling sets and repetitions. He also explains the required protein intake to improve muscle growth and mass.

The Time Period

The program lasts for twenty-one weeks and is one of the best in the eBook market. The module for each week is detailed and explained in a lucid language. The Program professes time management and is used by the rich and famous. The program has been tested on experts and each exercise is explained to its basic method. A beginner would learn what weight to lift, how many repetitions to complete, least number of sets needed to improve growth etc.

Fitness Techniques

Vince Delmonte also recommends this book to people searching for quick techniques in weight loss and fat burn. He believes that muscle growth is enhanced by the loss of fat and quicker conversion of amino acids. His secrets to maintain loss of fat are effective, but difficult.

On the other hand, the book also includes various tips of weight gain, with additional bonuses such as:

The Importance of Testosterone

Testosterone is required for constant muscle growth and maintenance. Vince Delmonte offers a chapter on the importance of testosterone, often overlooked in most muscle building and training books.

Overall, ‘No Nonsense Muscle Building’ is the most effective and comprehensive program in the eBook market today.

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