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Strength and Muscle Trainng While You Travel

In today’s day and age, traveling forms an essential part in one’s business. For a dedicated bodybuilder, it may as well be his worst nightmare. That’s because a bodybuilder has to train constantly, and any change in his routine can seriously affect his training program. What does he do in such a situation, go to gym and workout for hours and then go home, take rest looking forward to the next day’s training? Unless you don’t have a social life, it is fine. However, if you’ve got other business to look after, you better be prepared for devising some kind of traveling workout program.

Proper planning is essential to set a work out training program while you’re training. Although there are many hotels that cater to the needs of traveling bodybuilders, the amenities that they provide are inadequate from the bodybuilder’s point of view. Therefore, planning constitutes the nuclei of the whole training program and if your trip is planned accordingly, you’ll have no problems accommodating the training program in your travel agenda. Let us look at the various exercises that you can do while traveling.


Squats are perhaps the best exercise in this respect. You can even include some extra reps, with or without resistance. Along with the basic thigh exercises, you can also do some standing calf raises. Performing these on the stairs or any other solid object promises an intense workout.


Perhaps the easiest form of exercise that you can do anywhere is abs-crunches. In order to perform sit-ups, all you need to do is roll up a towel to support your back. This is a slight variation to the standard sit-up since in this case your abs does most of the work.


You can do either the regular push-ups or the close grip variation. In order to increase the difficulty level, all you have got to do is position your legs on the bed, place your hands on the floor and complete the push-ups. Along with your chest, this variation is also good for the shoulders.


Just imagine your luggage to be a pair of dumbbells and carry on with the various forms of arm exercises like the concentration curls, as long as your bag has some sort of a handle for you to hold to.


Close grip push-ups are perfect for your triceps. You can also use a chair or a table, provided they’re strong, to do triceps extensions.

Body Building Reviews