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Teen Bodybuilding Guide

When you ask any teenager about bodybuilding, his eyes are sure to lighten up. In addition, if you ask any teenager about the kind of physique, he dreamt of, he is bound to name a few famous faces like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.

And some might even pick Brad Pitt. That’s because, all they want to do is bulk up their body either to impress the girls or for improving their performance in case of sports like football and wrestling. Whereas others opt for bodybuilding, just so, that they look good. Therefore, when it comes to teen bodybuilding, many teens prefer strength training and lifting heavy weights.

Advice For Teen Bodybuilding

If you’re a teenager, it is always best to work out, under a certified fitness trainer rather than training solo. Besides, the biggest misconception that teens seem to have is, that they have to put in that Herculean effort in order to achieve their dream body. That’s true for professional bodybuilders but certainly not teens. Since teenagers undergo natural body growth process, especially when they are 15-18 years old, it is not right to strain their muscles beyond their limit, as this can seriously affect them in the long run.

All these factors make teen bodybuilding very different from adult bodybuilding. A teenager’s body is subject to losing fat and gaining muscles easily compared to that of adults. Teenagers require help in this matter, in the form of bodybuilding supplements that boosts their muscle growth. When we talk about teenage bodybuilding, the basic workout process should not be to over-train and strain their muscles. The following tips will give you a better picture of teen bodybuilding and how to go about it.


The training should be properly planned and should be aimed at training one muscle a week (4 to 5 days). Training for more than 5 to 6 days at a stretch leads to over-training that teens should strictly avoid. In addition, these training sessions should be kept short, i.e., about an hour a day. The focus should be on training the major muscle groups, i.e., upper legs, back and the chest. The following training program is ideal for beginners, considering the frequency of training:

3 days a week

4 days a week

5 days a week

On observing the above routine, it can be clearly seen that the two major muscles are never worked on the same day. However, the above routine can be interchanged, i.e., the workout scheduled for Wednesday can be done on Monday and the one scheduled on Monday can be done on a Wednesday.

The different exercises to tone these muscles can be bench press, squats, dead lifts, shoulder press, concentration curls, etc. However, one thing to remember is that the major muscles should always be worked upon first. Also, the workout regime related indirectly, which means, the more workout (volume) you do, the less intensity you should put. Five to eight reps are ideal, if your workout is intense and if your workout has more volume, keep it about seven to ten reps.

Diet for Teen Bodybuilders

Diet is one factor that should be given the first priority. Since, you’re a teenager, it is obvious that you have a high rate of metabolism, so you don’t want your training to go waste. Gaining mass is comparatively easy for teenagers than for adults. That’s right, but you have to eat in order to gain mass or sometimes you have to supplement your diet by using multi-vitamins to build muscles.

When we talk about teen bodybuilding, eating is very essential, preferably five to six meals a day or even more depending on your workout sessions. The more you work out, the more you tend to eat. On that basis, each meal should contain a maximum of 20% of proteins and carbohydrates.


Bodybuilding is one field that requires some fats, in order to gain some serious muscles. When we say fats, it means the unsaturated fats, i.e., nuts, fish fat, etc. In case of protein intake, it strictly depends on your weight. To avoid confusion, professional bodybuilders have come up with a perfect solution. That is, if you’re about 140-150lbs, the protein intake should be the same in grams, i.e., 140-150gms a day.

Eat Properly

Eating is very important, if you want to build some heavy muscles. The diet would include eatables, like two cups skimmed milk, two egg yolks, yogurt, wheat bread, nut (groundnuts to be more specific), bananas, protein shakes, steak, rice and oatmeal. This diet should not be confused as the diet for the whole week. It is actually for one day. Egg whites should be had frequently, preferably every two hours, since they contain a lot of protein.

Protein shakes should be had after a workout. This diet doesn’t mean that you have to follow it blindly. You can give in to your temptations and have Pizzas and French fries once a week.


The question haunting any health conscious person in general, and bodybuilder in particular, is whether they can benefit by the use of multi-vitamins and the role they play in maintaining the overall health. Vitamins play a very important part in the muscle building process. There are many vitamins that are required by the body to help with different chemical processes.

Each of these vitamins is unique and a healthy body requires all these in different quantities. Most of the times, the diet of a bodybuilder might not provide the required quantity of such vitamins and this requires supplements to maintain levels of the vitamins required by a teen bodybuilding to build muscles. The use of supplements for building muscles was a major issue and a debatable one in the muscle building industry.

But this issue was resolved; once they realized that the diet of body building process even for teen bodybuilding required supplements of vitamins for building muscles.


This is perhaps the most important aspect when it comes to teen bodybuilding. It simply means that you don’t have to workout all day. Your muscles don’t grow when you work out. On the contrary, it grows when you rest. Eight to nine hours are ideal for budding teen bodybuilders.


Remember that steroids are a strict no-no, when it comes to teen bodybuilding. The side effects are often known to be disturbing. Besides, there is a reason, as to why the health experts regard it as illegal. Steroids only help to boost the hormones in order to get that rep done. Teenagers have no use for steroids, since their hormone levels are at their peak during that age.

Training the correct way is the best way to get your dream body. Consult with trainers if necessary, regarding the type of workouts and the caution to be taken during the course of bodybuilding. Besides, a great body is always known to be an object of envy and definitely known to receive the center of attention.

Body Building Reviews