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The Musclehead Review

When reading the opening page of The Musclehead, you might think he’s an arrogant, vain and total egotistic alpha male.

However you can rest assured that it’s only a marketing gimmick. His style of writing and attitude is a similar match to ‘The Rich Jerk.’ Another mad egotistic character who’s only attitude is “I’m rich, look at me, see my success, I’m so great and you’re NOT!”

After reading through the facade you’ll come to realise that this course lacks a few things. In fact the entire website lacks a few common elements.

  1. Name of the trainer or author of the course (besides ‘the musclehead’)
  2. A picture, or at least before-and-after photos of people who actually did the course.
However, this is not a website review let’s now focus on the course itself.

What You’ll Get With The Musclehead

From the looks of things you’re getting an overly simplistic approach to bodybuilding without the stories and motivational education or so called bits. You’d think that reading about other people’s successes and stories of motivation would be entertaining and benefiting for the reader but apparently not according to the musclehead who’s approach is just to the point and concise.

The program is simple to follow however it seems like a 15 year old boy slapped, a cartoon figure on the cover, made a nice website, created a fictional character ‘the musclehead,’ with an attitude like no other and then said here it is come and buy it.

The attitude and course seems to lack detail and depth. Unlike recommendations like ‘Muscle Gain Truth’ by Sean Nalewanyj who’s an actual person with real photos and proof; this course is only recommended for beginners.

Course Outline

One thing is for sure, you can get enough information out of this course as a beginner and start your way to becoming ‘Godlike.’ There are exercise instructions, routines to follow, etc and etc.

Bonuses Offered

The bonuses are there to entice to you buy but they are nothing special. Most of the bonuses can be found on forums, and free bodybuilding information websites.

Upgrade Offer

If you upgrade to the platinum edition you’ll get a couple of more bonuses, again nothing special plus an audio version of the course. So you can listen to musclehead’s ego while you ride on the train or while working out.

The Platnium Edition

Summary and Recommendations

If you’re looking to seriously gain weight and muscle you’re more likely to succeed with our top 3 bodybuilding recommendations. If you are looking for an easy to read, listen and follow course that likes to tell you how great the fictional character is, than this course just for you.

Overall it lack a lot of depth and information however it is for beginners and beginners only.

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