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Craig Ballantynes Turbulence Training

For people, who want to get rid of excess fats and at the same time gain some muscle growth, behold your knight in shining armor, “Turbulence Training”. The creator of this program, Craig Ballantyne is a familiar face in the fitness world, having credited for his articles in well-known magazines like “Men’s Health.“

Many others support his experience and prove that he knows, what he’s actually talking about. But why name a program “Turbulence Training”, when it makes it clear that this program is not for the faint-hearted? Certainly not, here’s why.

Turbulence Training involves a high intensity but at the same time a low volume workout, that is a combination of resistance training and interval workouts. This combination is perfect for getting rid of fats and building up some serious muscles.

In order to make this training combination more efficient, Craig has backed it with scientific research with its long history in the respective field. The program is well equipped with a five-minute warm up session, succeeded by a twenty minute strength training followed by another twenty minutes of interval training. Due to the low volume of workout sessions, the program is rightly named Turbulence Training.

Therefore, it is ideal for those people who do not have much time to spare for grueling workout sessions. Considering, that it only takes about 40 minutes for one session, which could be done, for as less than four days, the results are noteworthy. The combination of the varying workout sessions is essential for the contrasting effect of losing fat and increase in muscle growth, both at the same time. The reason is simple- the body is a machine that adapts to specific workout sessions. For example, resistance training helps in better muscle growth.

But once the body has adapted to the muscle growth, i.e., working out with the same weights and for the same time, the muscles only grow up to that extent. In order to change this adaptability, it is important to adopt varying training methods for maximum results. The bottom line is that after you have stressed the muscle enough, jump on to another session to shock the muscles, so that they react in the same way. There are three parts to an effective Turbulence Training.

They are:

If you’re still confused whether or not this program is right for you, just ask the following questions:

If you’ve nodded your head three times, then this program is definitely made for you.

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